Have you been served with a complaint? Have negotiations failed and now you need to pursue your rights in court? We can help. Whether you need an attorney to defend your rights or an advocate to pursue your claims against a third party, the attorneys at Rodarakis & Sousa have extensive experience representing clients at all stages of the litigation process. Having successfully prosecuted and defended hundreds of cases before Federal and State courts located throughout the State of California, the attorneys at Rodarakis & Sousa offer an experienced and innovative approach to helping its clients develop a litigation strategy that works to bring an end to the conflict. In doing so, Rodarakis & Sousa works closely with its clients, advising and counseling them based on each client’s specific personal or business objectives.

The attorneys at Rodarakis & Sousa are also well versed in alternative methods of dispute resolution, and have represented countless clients before various public, quasi-public, and private arbitration tribunals, and private mediations. When mediation fails, trial is sometimes the only option. If that is the case, clients know that they can count on Rodarakis & Sousa to zealously advocate for them before a court or jury.