Contract law is at the heart of what we do at Rodarakis & Sousa. The attorneys of Rodarakis & Sousa have prosecuted and defended countless contract law cases. Having such experience litigating over contracts, we are adept at recognizing the vulnerabilities and potential loopholes in agreements. Do you have a contract that you need reviewed? Do you need one drafted to protect you and/or your business? Are you involved in a contract dispute or contract litigation? We can help.

Is the contract for the sale of goods? The attorneys of Rodarakis & Sousa have extensive experience applying the Uniform and California Commercial Codes to various commercial transactions, with particularized expertise in those involving agricultural goods and commodities. Whether the issue is the conformity of the goods purchased, enforcing an opportunity to cure, or passage of title to the goods, Rodarakis & Sousa has the experience and know-how to assist you in the enforcement of your rights to those goods or their proceeds.